Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

With the increasing cost of electricity, homeowners and owners of business establishments are taking initiatives to save on the cost of utility bills. This would be a great initiative. Even though, many people have begun their power saving activities like turning off the computer when not in use, avoiding unnecessary running of fans and other electrical appliances and also they are opting for power saving home appliances in such a way that the cost of electricity can be greatly minimized. If you are one such individual, it would be wise to understand how much energy is consumed by different appliances in such a way that even though, you purchase them, you can use them wisely as and only when the need arises for their usage. home appliances arekere

Furthermore, there are some devices that are offered for sale with energy saving certification, which means that they consume lesser energy as compared to their counterparts. Now, let us get into the power consumption by different devices so that you can make some wise choices in the purchase of appliances for your newly constructed home:

According to a report, it is found that the space heating device (31%) is the one that consumes more power and this is followed by space cooling devices (12%). The remaining energy is commonly used by other devices. But, other devices will not consume that much power as the heating and cooling machines. It has been found that the refrigerator can consume 8% of power, washing/kitchen appliances and computer and other electronic items will consume nearly 9%. Lighting devices arrive at the third place after heating and cooling devices by consuming 11% of electrical energy.

Of course, these are average records and the numbers will differ according to the longevity of the time for which they are running in your house. The longer the devices that consume more energy operate, higher will be the energy cost for sure.

As mentioned earlier, nowadays, air-conditioners with energy saving certifications are available in the market and you can check with different manufacturers, before actually arriving at one of them. If you wish to arrive at the consumption made by a particular home appliance, you can multiply its rated KWH by the number of hours it will be used in your home.

When an effective air conditioner from the best manufacturer is used, you can just make them run for some hours until your room becomes cool and can enjoy the coolness all through the night.



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